The Skinny on Quantum Graphics & Design

We're one of the smallest graphics design houses in North America, yet we service clients worldwide. At the Q, it's easy to "get excited, and stay excited"!

We design: Company Names, Logos, Web Sites, Product ID and Media Consulting. Whether your company is around the corner or half-way around the globe, the work we do for you will be world-class.

Our main designer Micheal (shown with his '87 Cougar) has been in the design business directly and indirectly since he was 15 years of age, and was here for the very beginning of the internet. Married with two grown daughters and a baby girl (Mariska Yasmyn), Micheal is responsible for creating the most popular rendition of the Starbucks Coffee logo as well as the logo for Easy-Flo Vacuums worldwide. He enjoys motorcycle riding and auto racing as well as 'junk cruising'. Micheal and his Filipina wife Rose Bell currently live in the Philippines.

Our Mission Statement: We will provide fast, timeless design at reasonable prices. It is our goal to be of service to as many satisfied clients as possible, and to have fun doing it. We believe that getting paid for what we do is a bonus, and if it isn't done right it doesn't leave the studio. Our work is world-class. Never trendy. Seldom cute.

Our Warranty: All corporate ID is fully warranted. Really... we're serious! If your Quantum Graphics trademark goes out of style for any reason (other than the obvious: change of ownership, name, product or venue) we will adjust or replace it FREE of charge, no questions asked!

Der Spiel: If the quality of what you have seen on our website isn't enough to convince you of what we can do for you, we encourage you to look elsewhere. If you didn't see anything which impressed you on this web site, you are most likely going to end up being someone else's client anyway.