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We take your work seriously! Since our beginning, we have won accolades for our business card designs. It all starts with the right logo but when it gets down to it, your business card tells your story. Read on...

Light travels through the air at a speed of approximately 300,000,000 m/s; this is roughly 900,000 times the speed of sound. Sound arrives long after an image is processed by your brain. Incidentally, this is why an auto accident seen from a distance always seems to happen in slow motion. It is also why the sound of thunder arrives so long after a flash of lightning. The relationship between the speed of light and the speed of sound should matter to you. Why? Because no matter how smart you are, no matter how fast you talk, no matter how well you know your product or industry, and no matter how good of a sales person you are... by the time you start speaking, you are 900,000 times too late. The consumer has already made a decision. Invest wisely and let us design a Corporate Image package today!
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Choose the Right Colors for Business Card Design: Making use of colors for your business and marketing is an advantage. Bear in mind that colors are not just for appeal and aesthetics but it also play a vital role in marketing. Colors are of big importance when it comes to marketing materials that includes business cards. There are persuasive effects of colors which can be explained via color psychology. Not all people are aware of how color can affect otherís reactions and emotions but as designers, we know all about the psychology of color. <read more>

Since colors are vital for attracting clients, one should use the right colors for business cards. Read the tips below to guide you on your steps towards selecting the perfect colors for a business card design to be effective in your industry.

  1. Decide on the image to convey. You will be more successful if you have decided on the type of image you want to convey. But this should not only be incorporated in your business card. It should also be seen in all marketing materials for your business including leaflets, brochures, website, magazines, logo and others. After that, you can then choose a color that would be effective for that kind of image.

  2. Know your target audience. Determine the group of people that you want to reach. This can help you to choose the colors that would be attractive for that audience. If you are targeting younger people, you can use bright colors and do away with brown or black because it looks boring for them. If your audience is part of a specific industry, choose a color that would suit it. If it is for a flower business, you can use red, yellow or orange or even a mixture of that.

  3. Know color psychology. Color psychology refers to the meaning of colors and how it can affect those who look at it. Since every color has a different meaning, it should be used according to it. If not, your business card and your business as well might fail. So, look into color psychology and choose those that suit your business.

  4. Your company colors. If you already have company colors, then it would be a lot easier for you to choose which colors to use for your business card. You can use your company colors and just add some accent colors to it. Just highlight the company colors because this is part of the companyís branding.

  5. Consider the color wheel. Well, when it comes to colors, you always need to consider the basis of how these colors are made and combined. Using the color wheel can guide you on what colors can create a good combination. You will never fail if you use this as your guide. There are color wheels that can be downloaded online. From that, choose the right color scheme for your design.

  6. Choose a color that is timeless. Along with choosing your colors is considering how long it would stay in the market. If you choose a color that is timeless, it will be able to give you a better identity. Clients could recognize your business even if you already exist for a long time. Using the right colors can help you acquire a more established and effective branding.

Itís Your Turn Now. Choosing colors is indeed very much important for a business card design. With the tips we have given above, we hope that you will be able to pick a color palette that would befitting to your business and industry. If you have succeeded to choose the right color, then you will surely be able to create an effective business card design. How about you? How do you choose colors for your business card? Click here and ask the professionals to design a classy, effective and enticing business card for you.