Logos by Quantum Graphics & Design - What Happens Next?

You have requested info from our web site, so you have already seen our work. We are personally committed to the success of your business, but we need to create an Identity Profile first. This process creates a thumbnail of the basic criteria necessary to design a world-class logo which will ultimately help you achieve your personal and business goals. When you have completed the form, please attach a copy of your existing logo (if applicable) to an email and send it under separate cover. Price for Logo design only is US$300. Full Corporate Package is US$500 and includes: Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Second Sheet Design and Envelope Design (2 Styles), Whichever option you choose, all Design Work including Logo (in PSD Tiff or EPS format) is delivered in Hi-Res version on a DVD. Lo-Res (RGB) versions for internet are also included.

Steps to be Taken. Below are the LOGO CREATION steps in order. We'll take the next few steps together.

  1. If you want us to create a successful corporate image, you contract with us by submitting an initial deposit of 50% of the total cost depending on the package you require. Packages will be reviewed on a one-to-one basis to ensure clarity. Checks should be made payable to: Micheal Parent, (owner).

  2. We work closely with you to complete a fact-finding questionnaire. We prefer to this in person, but as this is not always possible we have arranged for you to complete the questionnaire on-line.

  3. We will analyze your Identity Profile to determine the most important criteria on which to base your final logo design, and contact you within 48 hours to confirm the direction we will be heading to create your image.

  4. We begin the artistic process of designing your LOGO based on your custom Identity Profile. The process may take up to 4 weeks. All that's left for you to do is, "get excited and stay excited" because you will soon receive a dynamic new company logo.

  5. Design work cannot leave the studio until final payment has been arranged, so there are two choices:

    1. You bring a final payment of the remaining 50% to the studio to review the LOGO created

    2. You submit a final payment of the remaining 50% and we review your new logo together via the internet. As stated, you are also entitled to 'lo-res' RGB versions of all designs for internet use.

Note: You will be working closely with Micheal. He is the designer of over 1029 Corporate Images, and over 477 company and product names, slogans and tag lines. So rest assured, you are in good hands.

We are committed to creating a timeless, recognizable LOGO for you and can even (upon request) use our expertise to help you (re-) name your company and/or product (s) as well as name your web site domain and register the name with the internet authority.

NOTE: We also "consult" on business promotions as well as design, so if you're unsure of something in the works (or existing) call or email. We are here to be of service, and there is no extra charge for this consultation.

COST-PLUS: Additional services are available for a nominal fee. Straight design time and cost overruns are billed at US$ $25/hour.

If you are unsure or undecided, click here for info about the value of a professional logo design.

And now... The Q&A part!

The information you provide is very important as it will enable us to get to know you personally. It is worth the time you invest. A copy will be mailed to you for review. Please complete the following in your own words and click "CREATE PROFILE". It is NECESSARY to complete EACH FIELD, but do NOT use any punctuation or odd characters.

Briefly describe your company or business in full to someone who has no idea of its purpose or intent:
Tell us your mission statement:
Give an overview of any products or services you will provide which others in your industry may not provide:
Define your target audience in detail:
Define your short-term goals as far as expansion:
Define your long term goals:
What is your personal 'of-the-heart' vision for your firm?
What promotional methods have you planned to support this vision?
Tell us your personal favorite for the main color choice?
Tell us your personal favorite for the secondary (background) color choice?
How do you differentiate your firm from the competition?
Tell us a brand name logo you find visually appealing:
Tell us if there's something 'personal' you'd like considered as an underlying theme?
Where else will your new logo be seen: TV, newsprint, magazines, vehicles, packaging...? Be explicit.
Other promotional items will your logo appear on: Pens, apparel, coasters, coffee mugs, bags, boxes...? Again, please be specific.
Whew! All that's left to do is complete the following, and click "CREATE PROFILE". *NOTE: All fields are necessary.
First Name:*
Last Name:*
City & State:*
Mailing Code:*
Area Code + Phone:* +
Existing URL:* (Type "DNA" if not applicable)
For immediate contact click here. We look forward to being of service to you.