Still undecided about a logo? Don't know what step to take first?

Get a copy of William L. Haig's "The Power of Logos: How to Create an Effective Company Logo".

This book is credited as the first instructional book ever published on the subject. It is not a book on how to design a logo. Rather, it gives the reader - whether graphic designer or company manager - a sound understanding of why logos persuade based upon the credibility persuasion principle in communication. As such, it offers a concise yet complete guide to plan, develop, evaluate and implement effective logos using the credibility persuasion principle.

Just what constitutes good and bad logo design from both the creative and business perspective? Complete with examples of great hits, THE POWER OF LOGOS answers that question. This book shows how to avoid creating logos that project the wrong message, and focuses instead on the essential elements that give a logo its power to attract, motivate and influence the various audiences a company needs to reach.

The authors accentuate the importance of establishing a symbiotic relationship between the designer and company manager. Clear and concise communication between the two will result in a visually articulate and highly identifiable logo that represents the company's credibility. Knowing what credibility persuasion is all about in logo planning and design simplifies the process. That is what THE POWER OF LOGOS is all about.

The book showcases hundreds of credibility-based logos to demonstrate the premise of the book. It provides up-to-date case studies and valuable how-to information for graphic designers, students, marketing directors and business owners alike. THE POWER OF LOGOS will enable any company to employ an effective logo as a marketing tool that will work on stationery, business cards, rolling stock, uniforms or flashed across a web page right into the 21st century.

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