Websites by Quantum Graphics & Design

Do you really need a web site?: Let us answer that question as well as your questions about domain names, hosting, e-commerce, animation and more. Our answers may not win friends and influence certain web-type people, but they will be direct and honest. Go here to have your web-related questions answered.

So, do you? Do you really need a website? As a consumer or end-user, would you buy your products or services over the internet? Would you make a decision based upon what you learned while doing research on a web site? If the answer is yes... read on.

We design corporate web sites that are designed to help you reach your E-business objectives, and we do so in a manner which is attractive as well as user-friendly.


Whether we create a $300 site or a $3000 website, our development philosophy is simple:

  • We will build you an easily navigated site that works for you!

  • We will save you time and help you sell your products and services.

  • We will design an open-architecture web site to allow for expansion.

People will visit your company's web site to learn about your products and services. The caliber and usefulness of the information presented is as important and the presentation itself.

Our primary goal is to freely communicate your "corporate agenda" to each visitor while providing easy-to-operate contact and ordering options.

Our secondary goal is to produce the above as follows:

  • The web site will not be graphics or information laden, meaning faster load time for end-users

  • At the same time we will make sure it is not too static because static pages discourage visitors from entering, shopping and returning to your website time after time.

  • We will also register your site with the top search engines for optimum results.

What steps do you take next?

  • Define a purpose and goal

  • Set a budget

  • Fill in this FORM. It takes time to complete, but it is worth it!

  • Design a flow chart for your web site (site map)

  • Register or re-direct your domain name if necessary

  • Arrange for hosting your Web Site

  • Design and publish your web site

  • Register your web site with search engines to ensure visibility

  • What about a LOGO? Do you need a new one? GO HERE TO LEARN MORE.